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Your IAM / IGA systems and processes have been initially implemented and are now live in production or about to go live.

Throughout the project you had to either strip down use cases or had to make concessions to move the project along.

The business not happy with result of the project, stakeholders and key users do not know what is going and start to wonder what has happened to the project.

A lot of money and time has been spent but you find out even the simplest use case do not work or cause so much friction within the business that the situation has become unworkable.

The project manager is unhappy about the implementation party and/or business consultants responsible for the mess that has been created.

Stakeholders and key users rightfully make remarks of the low return on investment and even worse leaves them in non compliant state.

Sounds familiar?

FISS excels at helping companies fixing failed IAM / IGA projects in order to recuperate your investments.

We will not only make a plan which shows you how and why your use cases do not work, but we will also take corrective actions.
Results using a target and result orientated approach is in our blood, we have helped many companies to fix their failed IAM/IGA projects in a fraction of the time of the original project.

We help you getting the required controls ‘green’ in order to pass any audit.

Call us to get immediate results.