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We push boundaries to keep you secure

The world is constantly evolving, so are we.

We live in a world which is constantly changing. These changes affect the way we work, how we communicate with each other and how we access our data. Expectations of IAM systems are also constantly evolving and often lag behind what the organization requires and considers to be user friendly. Not only that, stagnation has a deteriorating effect on the security of your IT systems. FISS invests in R&D to help its customers to counter stagnation by developing cutting edge IAM products and services for the post-Corona world.

Research and Development is in our DNA

The experts at FISS know how important it is to be at the cutting edge of the security industry. They recognize that outside and inside threats are constantly changing and that organizations demand more from their IAM investments.

The never ending cat and mouse game of always trying to stay a step ahead of adversaries requires a constant evolving set of tools to keep your employees and your data secure. At FISS we are confronted with these challenges on a daily basis.

Commitment to R&D

We recognize that in order to give you the edge you need to stay secure we have to push ourselves into areas which are not common to (legacy) IAM systems. We also recognize that even the most modern IAM service/software vendors lack the flexibility and speed to give the market what it requires to stay secure. We push boundaries to keep you secure.

More about Research and Development?

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